A simple and affordable customer experience measurement tool
developed for the Motor Body Repair industry

Multi-channel, Benchmarking, Case Management

EchoMBR Features?

A customer who has a problem that is addressed and resolved quickly and efficiently ends up being more loyal, more of an advocate, than a customer that never had a problem in the first place.

EchoMBR allows you to identify and immediately follow up with unhappy customers to ensure customer satisfaction is a core focus of your business. The system was designed to not only measure customer satisfaction levels but to actively encourage Motor Body Repairers to take action to address customer concerns. In this way a process of continuous improvement results in increasingly improved customer satisfaction levels.

Low Cost

The introduction of an innovative technology solution that integrates SMS in the follow-up process makes it more affordable than a traditional CSI program which is focussed exclusively on telephonic follow ups.

Multi-channel Approach

The use of a unique multi-channel platform that allows for customised workflows, questionnaires and reporting levels while retaining the advantages of a consolidated approach.


Manufacturers and MBR groups are able to effectively benchmark MBR performance across a number of metrics.

Wide Reach

Every customer is contacted and every customer has an opportunity to provide feedback.

Real-time Reporting

The online reporting platform provides instant and up-to date feedback and reports.

Co-ordinated escalation and case management

Negative responses are escalated to a designated person at each MBR on a daily basis allowing the MBR to address customer concerns as they happen.

How it Works

  • 1. Data is automatically received directly from the various MBR management systems on a weekly basis.
  • 2. The system then generates a unique personalised SMS to every customer.
  • 3. MBRs are alerted the same day and they are asked to make contact with the customer within 3 days to resolve their concerns.
  • 4. Lightstone Consumer contacts ALL negative customers to determine "What Went Wrong". Their concerns are captured in detail and a short survey is completed.
  • 5. Results are captured and available immediately online.

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