01 Apr, 2016
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Today, the relationship between employer and employee is more vital than ever before to an organisations success and competitive advantage. Organisations often tend to put customers first when reflecting on organisational goals and sucesses. However, employees represent your brand and act as the first point of contact between the company and its current and/or potential customers. Creating seamless interactions across mutliple channels starts with keeping your employees as happy as you want your customers to be. You might ask, how do I keep my employees happy? What do employees need? What drives employees to do their best?

The answer is relatively simple, you need to create an environment of engaged employees, but recognising the engagement gap, is the first step to improving it.

Employee engagement is defined as the emotional connection that employees have to their jobs. An engaged employee is committed to his organisation’s goals and values, and are able, at the same time, to enhance their own sense of well-being.

Recognising the Gap:

  1. Care: Start with asking your employees how they feel.
  2. Listen: Listen to your employees concerns or issues.

Closing the Gap:

Employee Voice speaks to issues that are relevant to the business which has a direct influence on organisational strategy and management decision-making. Giving employees the opportunity to voice their opinions keeps them engaged with the business.

  1. Communicate: Communicate regularly, even if its just a ‘Hows it going’.
  2. Share: Share company financials/goals/successes or anything of concern.
  3. Reward: Offer incentives such as vouchers/cash/lunch/gifts etc.
  4. Recognise: Employee recognition lets employees know that their work is valued.

Bottom line: If employees feel engaged, the positive energy will transfer to your customers.


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