Real-time Reporting, Industry Benchmarking, Wide Reach, Escalations

EchoMBR Features?

A customer who has a problem that is addressed and resolved quickly and efficiently ends up being more loyal, more of an advocate, than a customer that never had a problem in the first place.

EchoMBR allows you to identify and immediately follow up with unhappy customers to ensure customer satisfaction is a core focus of your business. The system was designed to not only measure customer satisfaction levels but to actively encourage Motor Body Repairers to take action to address customer concerns. In this way a process of continuous improvement results in increasingly improved customer satisfaction levels.

Real-time Reporting

Reporting dashboards that are automatically updated daily providing for real-time feedback.

Industry Benchmarking

In-depth benchmarking across multiple metrics for MBRs, OEMs, Insurers and Groups.

Wide Reach

Industry leader in CSI Measurement across all automotive and insurance brands using direct telephonic contact.

Escalation and Recovery Management

Negative responses are automatically escalated enabling effective resolution.

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