A short, anonymous survey designed to capture your employees’

Voice, Suggestions, Issues

EchoESI Features?

Dealing with employee issues can be difficult
but NOT dealing with them WORSE

Employee Engagement

By giving employees the opportunity to voice their opinions and allowing transparent access to various levels of the results, keeps them engaged with the business.

Identify issues as they happen

Employee voice speaks to issues that are relevant to the business which has a direct influence on organisational strategy and management decision-making.


By engaging with your employees as well as addressing wider issues, employees will re-focus their attention to the delivery of their work rather than internal concerns. This is achieved by actively responding and closing the feedback loop within the business.

Employee Retention

Communication is the heart of employee retention. By allowing employees to voice their opinion and addressing issues as they arise, employees will feel part of the business and less likely to leave.



Get feedback from your employees using Mobile or Email surveys or a combination of the two to obtain the best possible response rate.

Question flexibility

Have the ability to change the open-ended question to topics relevant to your business.

Online Dashboard

Get feedback that is useful, frequent and in real-time which allows for immediate action on valuable insights.

Trends & Benchmarking

Track performance over time to identify possible changes in employee morale. Benchmark results across various divisions, departments or regions.

How it Works

EchoESI is a short survey designed to provide a snap shot of employee satisfaction whilst giving employees the opportunity to rate and comment on how they have experienced their working week. Real time reporting enables issues to be captured on an ongoing basis and allows management to be proactive and take corrective action timeously.

Our Pricing

Pricing starts at R500 per month based on the number of employees in your organisation.

Up to 50 Employees

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51 – 100 Employees

From R800

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101 – 200 Employees


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More than 200 Employees

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